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Client had Mesotherapy at Maui Medical Weight Loss Clinics! She’s ecstatic with the results!!!

If you are looking for a highly effective way to target problem areas of fat and cellulite on your body, Maui Medical Weight Loss Clinics LLC of Ridgewood, NJ has the answer you seek. Mesotherapy is one of our most popular therapies, proven to melt away fat. Used with other weight loss plans at our clinic, this injectable therapy packs a punch as an additional and immediate fat burner, helping you lose weight faster while becoming more defined.

A few treatments may be needed to get the desired results.

Body builders are especially excited about our Mesotherapy treatments because it helps give them that final toning needed to define their 6 pack abs. It is also very helpful in eliminating the appearance of a double chin and jowls. The all natural components used in our Mesotherapy injections literally target and kill fat cells, making trouble areas on your body leaner and firmer. This procedure also reduces belly fat, and unwanted fat around the buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and anywhere else you need help toning.

Mesotherapy is not a surgical technique and it is not liposuction! It treats cellulite and fat directly as it is injected into the fat deposits. The fat is then destroyed and naturally flushed from the body as waste. It will not reappear, and it will not simply relocate to another area. Once the fat is gone, it remains gone. The treatments have a threefold mission in breaking down the fat, repairing the surrounding tissue, and recontouring the skin, making it smoother and more youthful.

Whenever you need Mesotherapy treatment in Ridgewood, NJ, set yours up at Maui Medical Weight Loss Clinics LLC. Our treatments will jumpstart your weight loss to make reaching your goals easier.

1. No credit cards accepted.
2. By appointment only.
3. Must be 18 years old for all services.

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